At Lochlea, our independently-owned distillery has been quietly producing, casking, and maturing our spirit over the last few years, patiently waiting to share the fruits of our labour with the world. 
Led by the experience and expertise of distillery manager Malcolm Rennie, Lochlea whisky is the result of his 34 years of working with some of the best-known whisky brands in the world. 
And the result? A whisky for drinking. A whisky that’s not just a bottle to be admired, collected, or saved. It's a whisky that should find its home in cocktail cabinets, around campfires, in wedding hip flasks, and in your favourite bars, pubs, and restaurants. 
Love, care and attention from field to cask has been paramount in creating Malcolm's masterpiece. The family-run farm grows and harvests their own barley with draff used to feed local cattle. The water is raised from aquifers in the limestone deep below the steading.
Rooted in Scottish history, we are very proud that Robert Burns called Lochlea his home throughout his formative years, from 1777 through until his father’s death in 1784.  By day, Burns worked hard on the farm and in the evening he enjoyed the company of his friends, debating at the Bachelors Club in nearby Tarbolton.  The ground here has inspired the honest, passionate and progressive nature of Lochlea whisky.


Our unique process at each stage of production creates a spirit character defined by the design of the plant, the carefully selected raw materials, and the skill of our team.
It is led by great patience and attention to detail by the dedicated production team (Darren and George) who consistently produce a slowly extracted, crystal clear wort, with two specifically selected yeasts and longer fermentation for an ester laden wash.
Slowly run distillation and a high narrow spirit cut result in an exceptionally elegant and fruity spirit which has the ability to mature relatively quickly.
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