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The exact percentage of a whisky’s flavour which comes from maturing in cask is debatable. Some say 50%, others as high as 75%. What is not up for debate, is that choice of casks really matters. We are fortunate here to have a fantastic new make spirit in the first place, but when it comes to maturation we have a wealth of options on how to influence its character.
Here at Lochlea we purchase our casks direct from source, whether it’s first-fill bourbon barrels straight from Maker’s Mark in Kentucky, or fresh sherry butts shipped from Jerez. We want to ensure that when these casks are being filled here, their integrity and freshness is guaranteed.
Beyond the more traditional bourbon and sherry, we also have a wide range of more experimental casks maturing on-site. This gives our team the opportunity to assess how Lochlea spirit interacts with different cask types, from ex-Laphroaig quarters, to ex-Cabernet Sauvignon casks. 
The options available for future distillery releases are mouth-watering…