John Campbell Production Director

Oversees everything on-site, including the distilling operations, cask management and ultimately the consistent quality of whiskies from Lochlea. Aside from work, family is very important to John, and he'll happily chat to you about any sport under the sun.


Darren Lochlea

Darren McCormick Production Supervisor 

Keeps our distilling operations ticking over and monitors all stages of the production process, ensuring quality and efficiency standards are adhered to.

Outside of the distillery, Darren enjoys spending time with friends, family and his three children, and carrying out thorough analysis of our competitors' products.

George Lochlea

George Elliott Production Operator 

Looks after malt transfer, milling, mashing and yeast fermentation operations within the distillery.

Aside from Lochlea, George loves his music, football and spending time with family.


David Lochlea

David Ferguson Commercial Director

Responsible for bringing our brand to market and managing our Sales and Marketing function.

When not talking about Lochlea whisky, David is either spending time with his young family or watching his beloved but serially underperforming football team.

Patrick Lochlea

Patrick Dupuy Business Development Executive 

Responsible for making sure that the shops, bars, pubs and venues across the land are stocked with Lochlea Whisky.

Patrick also makes it his business to sample the atmosphere of these bars, pubs and venues. For professional reasons. 

Kate LochleaKate McCormick Logistics Manager 

Makes sure we have all the right materials for bottling, right through to handling our shipments throughout the UK and into export markets.

If not on the phone to suppliers and customers, she will either be traveling or disappearing into the distance on her motorbike. 

Alison Fagan Finance Director 

Happiest right in amongst the numbers and commercial contracts, getting the detail correct, Alison has been instrumental in the delivery of the project since its inception.

Every business needs an Alison and we are very lucky to have her and her dedication. When she is not working, she enjoys socialising, chatting and spending time with her family.

Jim Forrest Farm Team 

Has run an Agricultural contracting business across Ayrshire for the past 50-plus years.

Jim treats growing our barley as if it's his very own crop, putting in long days on the seeder and combine, nurturing the crop to delivering the best yield possible, we are indebted to him for his attention to detail.

Cameron Ramsay Farm Team 

Cammy assists with cultivation and tractor work, specialising in vary rate spreading of fertiliser and also application of various spays to manage the barley crop.

He has a very keen eye for detail and perhaps a soft spot for a John Deere tractor.

Indie Our Resident Dog

Greet guests arriving at the distillery, direct traffic in the car park, and security guard when awake.




Sarah Snedden Marketing Coordinator
Responsible for marketing Lochlea to the world and will often be spotted around the distillery with a camera in her hand.
A keen weightlifter, Sarah likes to spend her Friday nights at the bar.